Our PhilosophyLittle girl green pants

Children play to learn. The toys and games at Little Thinkers help your child to learn. Children learn best by playing because it is fun for them, and they are able to express themselves freely.


Children learn by example.  Appropriate behavior is learned as children observe their surroundings and watch their parents and teachers. By imitating what they see, children learn how to successfully conduct themselves in society. At Little Thinkers, we help children acquire valuable peer interaction skills by guiding them in appropriate social practices. At the same time, we place great value upon individuality, so that no child will be encouraged to act in a way that will conflict with his or her unique personality.


Children are individuals, and we encourage children to express themselves. The children at Little Thinkers are respected and cherished for their uniqueness, and we tailor our programs according to how each child learns best. We guide your child towards becoming a successful, productive, and independent individual.


Children learn through actions rather than words. At Little Thinkers, children are engaged in a variety of valuable hands-on activities. When children have the opportunity to touch and manipulate, they remember their experience clearly.
Our engaging hands-on approach continuously enriches each child’s knowledge and positively contributes to his or her education.


Children benefit from following a schedule. Our teachers follow a schedule each day. The routine – comprised of a rotating assortment of fun and educational activities – allows your child to feel comfortable in the school environment.


Our curriculum emphasizes good health and nutrition. By teaching the benefits of good nutrition, Little Thinkers helps children to make informed choices about food.  To ensure the ongoing health of our students, we schedule a wide variety of physical activities that are both challenging and fun.


       Our teachers are highly qualified and attentive. Our teachers are caring and patient. Each child in the classroom is at a different stage of development. Children, like adults, have an aptitude for learning some things and difficulty with learning other things. On a case-by-case basis, our teachers understand how to be patient with those who need more time and how to challenge those who learn faster. At Little Thinkers, your child will always be treated with compassion. Our teachers are experienced in recognizing when a child requires more attention or warmth at any particular time, for whatever reason.


Children need encouragement and reassurance. It is natural for children to seek approval. Our teachers inspire the students and instill them with confidence. Children also benefit tremendously from receiving constructive criticism. If a child is always told that everything they do is perfect, they may not strive to improve. Our teachers are experts at communicating criticism to a child without discouraging them in their efforts.


Children respond well to limits. Society has a multitude of limits and rules.  An overly permissive environment sometimes causes children to have difficulty understanding and accepting rules. By instilling a respect for boundaries, Little Thinkers helps children to abide by reasonable limits.


Family matters! We talk to you about your child.  We believe that family is the most important aspect of a child’s life. Our teachers provide examples of your child’s work, and will always let you know if your child needs help with something. We offer ideas for how to encourage your child’s progress in school. Our teachers provide information about what your child is learning, and they will always directly address any questions that you have. We welcome and encourage your involvement.


Children learn best when they feel safe, secure and loved. Little Thinkers is a safe and loving place.  Our teachers provide love for each and every child. We will embrace your child with open arms and open hearts, and a great big smile.girl and boy sliding